Snow Shoeing

Snow shoeing is a great winter time activity.  It’s good exercise and you can hike to difficult places you wouldn’t dream of attempting during the summer.

This morning I woke up feeling that I should go snow shoeing and maybe find some picture opportunities.  The snow has blown off most of the trees so the forest isn’t quite so picturesque now and that makes finding decent winter pictures more of a challenge.  Under these circumstances I look for small vignettes that dramatize my impression of a crisp winter day.

The only roadblock to my snow shoe plans was my leather easy chair. We got it shortly after we moved in and after five years, it’s molded perfectly to my form. It is sooooo comfortable.  I have it situated next to the big picture windows in our living area giving me an excellent view of the river, the forest and the snow. This morning, ensconced in my comfortable chair with a hot mug of coffee, the idea of snow shoeing lost some of its allure.

I guess I would have been smarter buying a less comfortable chair, a chair that would encourage me to leave it more often – something like a milking stool or maybe a used electric chair.

When I finished my mug of coffee I got up from my chair to get a refill and once up, decided that if I was going out, I’d better do it before my butt became permanently glued to the seat cushion.

Buddy and I wandered about, me looking for pictures, Buddy looking for something disgusting to snarf up.  I took some pictures and Buddy ate some tree bark.  I’m not sure which of us was more successful in our pursuits.