Snow, snow and more snow.  Things are white in Eagle River.

I think we have close to two feet of snow cover, maybe a bit more. And each day more falls.  It’s mostly fluffy stuff.

I took a picture from our bedroom window on Christmas Eve morning.  . It was an interesting view.  The trees trees appeared like green ghosts in the fog of heavy snow.

Saturday, Eric, Wendy and I went snow shoeing.  Eric drove his one-week old new Subaru to test out it’s all wheel drive.  I think he got a little more than he bargained for as the national forest roads hadn’t been plowed for some time and there had to be 10 – 12 inches of snow on the roads.  He was able to get though it as long as we kept moving but when we pulled over to check out a place to snow shoe, we got stuck in a drift.  A little push from his manly powerhouse of a father and a little feathering of the accelertor by Eric and we were on our way again.

We were able to get to a spot where we snow shoed into my favorite spot on the Deerskin – the location that serves as our canoe put-in for the six mile downstream trip  to our house.  The river is frozen over but the view is still inspiring.

It was not an easy trail to break because of the deep snow.  We only hiked a mile but it seemed like a lot more on the way in.  Hiking out, the trail we made hiking in made the return trip much much easier and now that the trail is set, Judi and I should be able to repeat the treck fairly easily, even as more snow builds up.